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What is and what does a full stack web developer do?

Day: 06/01/2022 - Time: 16:18:46

A full stack web developer is one that deals with both the back-end (the server side) and the front-end (the client side, the browsers).

The backend involves at least one programming language, and usually a database (which is usually SQL, but can be another type, noSQL or key-value pairs). The front-end involves HTML, CSS and JavaScript (as well as other tools and frameworks linked to these technologies).

The whole set is called a "stack" because it's a "stack" of technologies (think server technologies on the bottom and client technologies on top). So "full-stack" is that developer who deals with all layers of the stack, not just a part of them.

There's an article on SitePoint where the author talks about what it's like to be a full stack developer today, including listing many of the technologies you may have to deal with. It includes the following illustration of the development layers: