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How to apply the crying face filter on Snapchat, TikTok or Instagram

Day: 06/01/2022 - Time: 11:29:36

You may have been concerned after scrolling through Instagram and Snapchat in recent weeks. Why does it appear that everyone is in tears? Did everybody collectively watched The Green Mile? Did someone really famous pased away? Thankfully, it's only a humorous Snapchat sad face filter. This filter gives everyone the impression that you are crying. It can make your face look like you're sobbing, cause your eyes to water and your nose to run.

Although you may have seen a lot of crying filter reels on Instagram, you might be having a hard time finding and using it, and no wonder, since the filter is not present in the app, it actually comes from snapchat . To join the new tendency, you must go to Snapchat.

The crying filter was first launched on Snapchat on May 6th and its success is growing, already passing one billion usages. It's a great way to prank friends and relatives, always earning a good laugh at the expense of the innocent. Here's a quick tutorial on how to find and use the filter on Snapchat, and how to share the video on other social networks, like Instagram.

- First, you have to download snapchat (skip this step if you alredy have it).

- Open the app and create an account, following all the steps correctly.

- Once done, on the main screen, swipe left and click on "Expolore" button.

- Type "crying" on the search bar, you'll see many filters, choose one.

- Click on "record", and then Record video, or click on a image.

- When you're done, save it to your camera roll.

- Now, just use your preferred social media to share the saved video straight from your gallery.

Now you know how to use the crying filter on Instagram, TikTok or any social app you like. Have fun with it.